Armadillo Christmas Bazaar
December 15-24, 10am-10pm daily
Palmer Events Center, Austin, TX

Check back for 2016 event dates

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We create interactive moving mosaics from infinitely recyclable aluminum cans. Days, and sometimes months, go into the collecting, planning and fabrication of our art work. We use a variety of hole punchers and a hammer and nails to mount the aluminum discs to plywood in a grid pattern that creates the subject matter of our pieces. Each loosely mounted disc retains the original color, pattern or graphic from the actual can - we do not paint them.

Our creations are intended to be displayed indoors; we do not guarantee their longevity if mounted outdoors. They are so sensitive to motion, they will move in the breeze of a fan, vent, human wind and even a surround sound music system.

We do not accept commisions.

We are familiar with and admire the African artist El Anatsui, although we do not consider his work a direct influence on our own.