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Hannah Dreiss & Nemo's
Eco-Folk Art

Comfort, Texas

do you recognize our faces?

Hannah Dreiss
former architectural designer
inventor of upcycled mosaics


not combing hair,
& string figures

circle drawer extraordinaire
illustrator of GNDITDP
fabricator of upcycled mosaics


male knitting, planting
seeds & bearding

bet you couldn't stop thinking about it!

"Vita" 24x36, aluminum cans, nails, plywood

"Amor" 24x36, aluminum cans, nails, plywood

"Navi" 24x36, aluminum cans, nails, plywood

"Ride" 16x20, aluminum cans, nails, plywood

Detail from "Ride"
(more from this series coming soon)

"Cranium Sustainium" 16x20, aluminum cans, nails, plywood
(our submission for RedBull Art of Can Chicago 2014 - top 30 finalist)

yes, our art really is made out of aluminum cans!
(all from the comfort of our camper van)
here are the steps in our process:

garbage cans, recycling bins, friends, family,
strangers walking down the street & maybe even you
wash with soap and water to get rid of the scum,
mold, backwash, cigarette butts and bugs
top, bottom and down the side (& recycle the left over bits)
muscle each can into a flat rectangle
selectively punch each disc, one at a time, using a proprietary tool
then punch each disc again for the nail hole
measure grid and pencil in on plywood
(that we previously cut to size on a scary table saw)
place each disc in desired location
and pound into place using more proprietary tools

and to answer your #1 question:
they take a really, really, REALLY long time to make!

and to answer your #2 question:
Yes, Nemo is The Famous Artist, notorious for drawing perfect
freehand circles! After 10 years of drawing circles nearly every
single day, he is now transitioning into other art forms and has
taken up the hobby of knitting.

We would like to thank our many art patrons, who supported us
through the purchase of nearly 2000 Nemo drawings and
paintings during the last decade. But you haven't seen the last of
the perfect freehand circles just yet - so stay tuned!

If you would like to see some of Nemo's circle art
please check the virtual world links below!

and to answer your #3 question:
Yes, we live in a van! We have lived in our camper van since
2010. It's only 96 square feet and includes everything we need
for living and working: kitchen, bed, studio, toilet, shower, air
conditioning, heater & room for all our art and festival supplies.

A common misconception is that we are
FANCY because our van is a Mercedes Sprinter.

interesting fact:
Its the exact same vehicle as the Dodge Sprinter
and prior to being re-branded as a Mercedes in 2010,
the Dodge used a Mercedes engine!

other interesting fact:

Thanks to BlueDEF our van is practically emission free!

frequently asked questions/comments:
more to come - this section is a work in progress!

how do I care for my recent art purchase?

- 1 -
purchasing fine art is an investment! do not place in
harm's way such as outdoors or under water
- 2 -
for maximum effect, place in path of vent, fan or
any person who produces lots of hot air
- 3 -
to dust it, use a new/dry wide paint brush in downward stokes
- 4 -
no, the discs will not fall off if you move it. the art transports
fine when packaged in bubble wrap.

where can you find us in the real world?


SoFlo Market - TX

Relics Grand Opening -TX
airfield Market Days - TX

Art on the Green - TX
Creek Side Marketplace - TX

Deep Ellum Arts Festival - TX
Main Street Arts Festival - TX
King William Fair - TX

Kerrville Festival of the Arts - TX
Prairie Village Art Fair - KS

Mulvane Art Fair - KS
Smoky Hill River Festival - KS
Vail Arts Festival - CO

Art in the Park
Steamboat Springs - CO
Open Arts Fest - CO
Cheesman Park Art Fest - CO

Park City Kimball
Arts Festival - UT
Art Fair Jackson Hole - WY
Golden Fine Arts Festival - CO
Affordable Arts Fest - CO
Copper Country Arts Fest - CO

First Friday, Bastrop - TX

Balloon Fiesta - NM
Spicewood Arts Round Up - TX

Winnsboro Fine Art Market - TX

Armadillo Christmas Bazaar - TX


Main Street Arts Festival - TX
Fiesta Arts Fair - TX
King William Fair - TX

Prairie Village Art Fair - KS

Smoky Hill River Festival - KS

Denver Art Fest - CO
Affordable Arts Fest - CO

Armadillo Christmas Bazaar - TX

where can you find us in the virtual world?


want to help ?

click here for can cutting instructions
(attempt at your own risk!)

and did we mention....

the art takes a really, really, REALLY long time to make!

an animation...just for fun:

are you still here? there's more -
please enjoy our "mission statement"

We are an independent artist partnership, with an architectural
design background, that creates one of a kind, elegantly
assembled works of art. We are committed to sustainability
through our choice of materials and methods, which create a
unique blend of contemporary artistry and traditional
construction techniques. Our patrons are free thinking intellectuals
and trend setters who care about the environment, while taking
pride in discovering the perfect art piece to complement their
developing collections. We provide opportunity to directly
purchase a handcrafted element of design that expresses style
and beauty through structure and medium, while sharing our
artistic contribution with the world.

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